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The best garage maintenance tips

Dec 25

Regular maintenance is something you may not have considered. It can prevent problems from getting serious. Here are some suggestions to maintain your garage door's functionality.


Make sure you check the batteries in the remote door opener. If your door isn't fast in closing and opening, it may be that the batteries are depleted. Replace your batteries each year.


Lubrication is essential for garage doors that move. Choose a petroleum-based grease for all the metal parts of your door that come in contact with each other , such as rollers, springs, and hinges. For exterior PVC weatherstripping, the bottom of the weatherstripping, as well as any PVC weatherstripping inside your door sections, apply a silicone-based lubricant. Ask a commercial garage repair specialist for recommendations.

Check The Lights

Make sure that the lights are operating in a proper manner. If not, you should replace the bulbs. Make sure you replace the old bulb with the exact same bulb.

Outdoor Lighting

The best garage tips: When you are checking the garage door opener's light bulbs be sure to inspect the outdoor lights too. Remove any dirt and cobwebs from the light bulbs. Check to see if there's anything blocking the light. It is also important to ensure that all motion or noise-activated lights function correctly. Also, make sure to check the sensors.

Safety Test

A safety reversal device is installed on garage doors to stop accidents. There are two options for doors that were built following 1993. The first is the mechanical one. Place a piece wood underneath the garage door and then lower it. The door should open immediately after it has come into contact with the wood. If it does not, you should have a repair specialist come to examine the door. The photoelectric system is a different system. You can move your foot toward one of the sensor units as the door closes. They are located placed on both sides of the door and approximately 4 inches off the floor. The sensor should be able to detect your movement and the door will stop, and immediately reopen. If it doesn't the repair specialist must be sought out.

Most people complete their maintenance in the fall, before the weather gets cold. However, depending on the location you live in, you may decide to complete it any moment of the year. One thing to keep in mind is to perform these tasks on an annual basis. If you notice any issues, consult an expert on garage doors and have minor issues fixed before they become bigger issues.

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