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Jan 17

Renewable energy has been increasing in popularity and necessity over the years and solar power is now more important. One trend that is evident in 2022 is that geographical location is less of a deciding factor when deciding whether states are leaders in the field of solar power.

In order to help you identify which states are leading in the solar race to determine the top states in the solar race, the Solar Energy Industries Association publishes its quarterly rankings of every state's solar strength.



California's Golden State is consistently placed at the top of U.S. state lists that excel in solar energy. California has nearly 300 sunny or partly sunny days each year. California was one of the first states to take on solar power in 1976 , when the state passed laws that promoted green energy.

California has 25 percent of its electricity produced by solar energy. Furthermore, the state has invested more than $73 billion in solar technology along with tax incentives and property tax exemptions for those who have solar panels installed. There are more than 22,000 solar firms near me in the state , and more than 8 million homes powered by solar energy.


Texas is also among the most desirable states in country for solar energy manufacturing and in installation.

The Lone Star State boasts a solar energy investment that is more than $14 billion. The state also boasts more than one million homes powered by solar. Texas has already added 1,525 megawatts to its solar power capacity by 2022. This is equivalent to nearly 45% more than total capacity of 2020.

Texas receives just over 2.8% of its total electric power from solar energy, however the state is ranked first in the country in solar panels for residential installation.


The mid-Atlantic region of North Carolina might not be the first U.S. state to come to mind when you think about solar energy. It is nevertheless ranked third because of its sunshine and generous exemptions.

North Carolina can get 8.5 percent of its power from sunshine, which is greater than Texas and Florida. North Carolina's Solar Property Tax Exemption policy gives a substantial income tax credit, which encourages homeowners and businesses to put in solar panels in record numbers.

North Carolina boasts more than 800,000 solar-powered houses and an investment in solar energy over $10 billion.


It's not surprising that Florida is among the most solar-friendly states in the United States with a name like Sunshine State.

The state has an investment of $10.5 billion in solar energy and technology approximately 4 percent of its electricity is generated by solar. More than 900,000 homes within the state get their power from solar.

Florida's solar power capacity increased by 525 megawatts by 2022 which is 19.5% of 2020's capacity, and 7percent of the total capacity. The state has almost doubled its total solar capacity in just over a year.


Arizona is second on the list of solar energy investments and has a total of $14.3 billion. Arizona's dedication to solar power is paying offnearly 8.5 percent of the state's total electricity now comes from solar panels in Mesa, Arizona..

Arizona is home to 306 solar companies, including 157 manufacturers as well as 144 installers and 105 others. These companies generate more than 7,000 jobs within the solar sector.

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