Pre-engineered Buildings

New construction of Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) packages is a specialty of CMB Erectors. The buildings range in size from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet, used for various applications that include shops for truck maintenance, oilfield equipment services, community centres, arenas, gymnasiums, and pools. The buildings are also used for medium to large-sized contractors as commercial-use buildings, giving them a facility for yard storage space, shop space for loading and unloading trucks and a space to store sensitive equipment. Other requests and uses include having office space to house all operations under one roof and from agricultural operations such as cold storage for animal feed, as well as riding areas and barns.


Operating as a sub-contractor and sub-trade under a general contractor, CMB Erectors builds PEMBs for many different suppliers. We are proficient in the systems and details for all major suppliers including Steelway, Metallic, Butler, Varco Pruden, and Nucor. Many employees and foremen of CMB have been previously employed, trained, and apprenticed with companies specific to conventional structural steel. Many multi-storey and beam and joist warehouse projects in and around the GTA have been owned by CMBE.


A medium to large-size general contracting company with a client who requires a PEMB. At times, we are asked to consult on the design with the client and/or the general contractor, which draws on our many years of experience in constructing PEMBs. We will use our knowledge to guide the client to the most efficient and functional building within their budget for their end use and construction.As an erector not currently directly affiliated with a supplier, we typically seek projects with a designated supplier more often than not. In rare situations, the client possesses the building without having a supplier or general contractor. The client would hire a general contractor who, in turn, hires CMBE to construct and oversee their PEMBs.

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